Point Nationwide/Gonzalez Alliance

about us

Company Profile

Point Nationwide is one of the largest buyers of office products in America with over $2 billion dollars a year in purchasing power.

We have a Microsoft based, state-of-the-art ERP system that provides visibility and flexibility. We provide scalable and customizable reporting, billing, and delivery solutions via one platform at Internet speed across the nation.

The difference with the office supply “big three”: we go beyond purchasing power and technological advantages. We are supported by a family of dealer members called Customer Service Points, which cover virtually all large and mid-sized metropolitan areas with the passion and skill of experienced businesses that put relationships first.

Together we will elevate your office products spend into a competitive advantage, while providing the home town service you thought was no longer available for National Account customers.

While the others say no, at Point Nationwide…the answer is YES!


Our Partners

TriMega Purchasing Association:

Point Nationwide is a wholly owned subsidiary of TriMega Purchasing Association, the nation's leading buying cooperative of independently owned office supplies dealers. Owned by its nearly 600 dealer members, TriMega has helped independent office supplies dealers recognize the benefits of their combined purchasing power to drive down costs for them and their customers, making competitive in their local communities for more than 20 years. As a not-for-profit organization, TriMega operates for the sole purpose of driving value through the supply chain for independent dealers and their customers. Get more info on TriMega Purchasing Association at www.trimega.org.