Point Nationwide/Gonzalez Alliance


Point Nationwide provides a new model in business-to-business sales of office products, one that elevates service to a higher level by putting customer requirements first. Point Nationwide knows firsthand the frustration customers feel when ordering office products and we are committed to replacing the old business model with a new one. At Point Nationwide our business model is built on pricing integrity, performance quality, elimination of hassles and highly personalized and customized service. While others say no, at Point Nationwide the answer is yes… now what’s the question?

We know the problem. We’ve seen the maze of constituents you have to consider: your nationwide users of office supplies who want free reign; your accounting department who wants an invoice presented in a specific way; your CFO who wants lowest cost; your IT department who wants seamless electronic interface; your receiving personnel who want the deliveries to arrive at their preferred time with clearly displayed user information. You’re squeezed between the  requirements of your constituents and your national supplier saying no to those needs.

Welcome to Point Nationwide.

The Answer is Yes….Now what’s the question?